10th Anniversary of the Program

A Decade of Opportunity

The transformational Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars program celebrates its first 10 years in the fall 2016. During that decade, almost 4,000 students received scholarships.

Opportunity Scholars are smart and capable of great things. They just need a little help. Alumni of the program make the most of the opportunities they've been given. Some are in graduate school and others have embarked on careers in the sciences, education, business and other fields. What all have in common is a gratitude to the donors who made their UF education possible and the desire to give back so others can follow in their footsteps.

Numbers to Note:

  • $67.3 million - Dollars raised to-date
  • $26.3 million - Program's endowment size
  • 20,000 - Donors supporting Opportunity Scholars
  • $18,408 - Average family income
  • $9,047 - Annual cost for each scholarship
  • 300 - Opportunity Scholars in each freshmen class
  • 62 Of Florida's 67 counties that are home to scholars
  • 0 - Parents of scholars with a college degree

What the program does:

  1. TRANSFORMS the state of Florida by increasing number of college-educated citizens from all walks of life.
  2. IMPROVES Florida by raising families out of poverty, creating healthier communities and generating a stronger workforce.
  3. ENSURES Florida's brightest and most talented students have a chance to earn degrees from the state's flagship university.
  4. ENDS generations of unmet academic and professional potential in low-income families.

Learn more about the Program:

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MFOS Alumni can register to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration weekend (October 14 & 15) here.