Although Candi and Sandi Bastien grew up near Gainesville, the University of Florida seemed a world away. A very special scholarship changed that.

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MFOS Alum Helps Handicap Puppy

Dr. Meghan Brumby is a MFOS Alum and a veterinarian at UF's Veterinary Hospital. She recently made news in helping a pit bull terrier puppy who suffers from a rare condition called "Swimmer Puppy Syndrome." View the complete news story at

Tales of a First-Generation College Student

One of our Opportunity Scholars, Alexa Tsongranis, wrote a piece for the Gainesville Scene about her experience as a first generation college student.

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UF Student Government Officials donate salaries to MFOS

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Every April, the new University of Florida Student Body Officers are elected to serve students interests on-campus and represent the student body within the university administration. In the past, these three students have received a collective salary of almost $28,000 for their work throughout the year. This year, however, the officers decided to forgo their earnings and donate the money to the Florida Opportunity Scholars.

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Wells Fargo rewards UF for interceptions

GAINESVILLE, FL (October 2, 2015) – Wells Fargo is supporting the University of Florida this fall by donating $1,000 for every interception the Gators make on the field.

For each interception, $400 will go the University Athletics Association for scholarships and $600 will go to support the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program.

The generous donation from Wells Fargo supports up to 15 interceptions, or a gift of $15,000. 

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