Internship Spotlight - Genesis Lara

Genesis Lara is a third-year History major and Samuel Proctor Oral History Program intern this summer in Arizona. She is working on an oral history project, where she interviews teachers of banned Mexican American Studies in the Tucson Unified School District. Genesis shared some thoughts below about her experience.

"As an FOS student the one thing that I know is the value of having someone believe in you; of having someone open the door to something greater. FOS has given me a family of people who believe I can succeed. That belief is priceless, and it is the most valuable gift FOS has given me. That is the reason why I felt so connected to the Ethnic Studies Program in Tucson, Arizona. This program and its teachers have given their students not just an education, but confidence, belief, opportunities, and a family. Sadly the program has been banned by Arizona school officials. Supporters have named this summer 'Tucson Freedom Summer' to help bring back the program that has an 93% graduation rate, when the current high school dropout rate for Latino students is over 50%. This summer I am interviewing teachers in this program for the Samuel Proctor Oral History program at the University of Florida, to help bring awareness of this issue to the Florida community."

Genesis is a FOSAL participant and also credits her amazing summer experience to her Life Coach, Dr. Eric Castillo, Assistant Director of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs and Director of the Institute of Hispanic Latino Cultures.

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