Academy of Leadership (FOSAL)

The Florida Opportunity Scholars Academy of Leadership (FOSAL) is a year-long leadership program with an emphasis on self-awareness and career planning, for 3rd and 4th year first-generation college students at the University of Florida. We recognize you are first in your family to graduate and plan for what is next, so we want to help you prepare for that next step! This program allows all first-generation students at UF to participate, not only Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars.

Applications for the 2017 cohort will be available in October 2016. Each FOSAL cohort is approximately 60 students. The 2016 FOSAL experience began in January 2016 and lasts through November 2016. Click here to learn more.

Students who participate in the program will learn:

  • Leadership Skills and How to be an Effective Leader: Students will learn about basic leadership principles and how they can apply the principles to daily life as well as in their future
  • Self-Awareness: Students will develop a deeper understanding of themselves using a strengths-based curriculum
  • Career Preparation: Through conversations about networking, professionalism & etiquette, students will be more prepared to begin a career after college
  • Global Citizenship: Students will be able to more fully understand what it means to be a global citizen.

FOSAL Stories:

This semester has been nothing short of eye opening. From the FOSAL retreat on I have been making life decisions that I was afraid to come to terms with before. I see my strengths at work at least once a week. I am constantly reminded of my strengths whenever I do or say something whether it's individually or with a group. Before the retreat I never understood why I responded to situations the way I do. This semester I have held myself more accountable for my actions. I left the retreat feeling really empowered so started to face my apprehensions and go for it. I realized that there were people who believed in me and that my peers also had the same apprehensions. I was not alone. This was the encouragement that I needed at this pivotal point in my college career. I am so blessed to be a part of this FOSAL group. I have decided that I want to teach. I have decided to not take classes this summer and intern with the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches. I am so excited about my future. I have made other steps to research graduate programs and other career options that deals with my passion of being an advocate for educational equity. This semester I have been more motivated than I have ever been. I learned that my failures don't define me instead my perseverance does. I am so thankful to be a part of a supportive program that helped me with this. I work daily to improve my skills. It all seems to make sense now. ---Sasha-kay Myers