Tazianna Elysée

Tazianna Elysée

Tazianna Elysée

3rd Year, English Major

Pompano Beach, FL


What is your favorite quote? "There is no greater agony than burying an untold story inside of you." -Maya Angelou

What advice would you give to new scholars? (Or advice you wish you had been told when you were a freshman):  If your mind is not okay, you are not okay. Your mental health matters just as much as your physical heath. Take care of yourself.

What organizations or clubs are you involved in? Peer Leader 2016-2017, Substitute Teacher at Baby Gator

What is your favorite thing about UF and being a Gator? I love how much Gators care for one another. Smiling people are everywhere on campus and I've been more open to hugs and sharing what's on my mind because Gators have made it easy for me to be more open with my love and how to show it.