Mentor Requirements

  1. You have to attend orientation. The orientation day is given to you during your interview and you are chosen as a Peer Mentor based off of the assumption that you will be present the entire day. In the past, orientation has always fallen on the Sunday before school begins for Summer B and the Fall term. (If you attend the Summer Orientation, you will not have to attend the Fall Orientation.)
  2. Keep in contact with your mentees weekly whether it’s by email, text, phone, webcam or in person one-on-ones! If something is wrong with your mentee let the MFOS staff know as soon as possible. We prefer you tell us and it be nothing than it getting overlooked when it’s something major.

Examples of things to look out for:

  • Anxiety 
  • Unhealthy stress 
  • Failing/ Struggling in courses 
  • Death in family 
  • Odd behavior 
  • Unusual loss/gain of weight 
  •  Unresponsive to your outreach 

 3. Keep in contact with your assigned Leadership Team (LT) member. (They are now considered your mentor.)

  • They are your point of contact. First email them with any questions, comments or concerns. They will reach out to the Undergraduate Assistant if they are unable or unsure on how to help you. (Following this process assures you a quicker response.)
  • Email the MFOS staff next if you are having an issue with your LT members or if they reference you to the staff due to their inability to assist.

 4. Throughout the year, you will have to turn in a “Check-In” report to your assigned LT member of each of your  mentees.

  • They are due the last day of the month.
  • During the Fall semester, your reports are due in September, October and November. (August and December are short months so they will not be required for those two months.)
  • During the Spring semester,  your reports are due January, February, March and April.
  • During the Summer Summer semester, your reports are due in July and August. 
  • The way to do these reports are to take a selfie picture with your mentee while doing your one-on-one. Then write a 4-5 sentence paragraph as to what was discussed. (Tell us the important things and let us know if you are concerned about your mentee.) *Attach all of your pictures and paragraphs on ONE Word document. DO NOT send your LT member a separate email for each mentee.*
  • These pictures/reports should be emailed to your LT member. Assure your mentee that the photos will not be going anywhere but to the MFOS staff to get credit for the meetings. However, if you and your mentee are comfortable with it, we do encourage you all to post on our social media pages and tag us!
  • If a mentee has an issue with this method of reports, tell the undergraduate assistant so that he/she can provide you with an alternative form to report your meetings with that specific mentee. 

 5. You will have to have 2 events per semester. All this entails is finding a day/time that works with all (or most) of your mentees and go do something fun together as a mentee group.

  • At the event, take a picture with your mentees. This photo will be attached to the corresponding month’s Check-In report. (Mentioned previously in #3) Include a 4-5 paragraph as to what you did, why, how many mentees attended and how it went! 
  • We understand that not all mentees will be able to attend everything you do, just try to do your best to find the best day/time that works with the most people. You will receive credit for your attempt to do a group hangout.

Ideas of what you can do with your mentees:

  • Any event that MFOS is hosting (Yes, if you attend an MFOS sponsored event with your mentees that     counts as one of your events!)
    • Any UF sponsored event
    • Football games
    • Grab coffee/ food
    • Lake Wauburg
    • Bowling (Off or On Campus at the Reitz Union)
    • Movie Theater
    • Lake Alice
    • Walk a trail
    • Go to one of the Springs
    • Join forces with another mentor and their mentees to do something together!

 6. Remember you now represent the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program!

  • This should be something you don’t feel burdened about doing but instead, look forward to daily! (That being said, let us know if you are having difficulties maintaining your responsibilities as a mentor.) 
  • As a mentor, you also represent the University of Florida and are expected to present campus resources in a positive manner. We encourage you to provide your perspective as a peer but do not talk negatively about professors, offices, resources, events or initiatives. UF has something for everyone and while an experience may not have been what you expected, provide an optimistic perspective for your mentee. Feel free to share other options and resources as well
  • Be positive and energetic about being a UF student and an MFOS Scholar (if applicable)
  • Encourage them to get involved and join organizations! (This includes giving back to MFOS by becoming a mentor or LT member)
  • You are always being watched, so be a role model and think twice when making decisions.

Welcome to the family. You have already made us #MFOSProud.