Ricardo “Rick” Sabater

Major/Year: History & Political Science/2nd Year
Hometown: Schenectady, New York & Springhill, Florida

Rick is excited about what is in store for his future. Born to teenaged parents, Rick has defeated the odds set against him. He now has two younger brothers (10 years and 3 years old) looking up to him. Knowing what to face, Rick is intent on preparing his younger brothers for their own collegiate future. He often talks to his 10 year old brother about attending college and is actively making it a reality by starting a savings account and giving him first-hand experience with college life. “I… Read More »

Dalton Helvey

Major/Year: Food Science and Human Nutrition/2nd Year
Hometown: Sebring, Florida

Dalton is proud of his first generation identity. He surpassed the expectations of his Sebring community by attending a four-year university versus taking the route of going to state college first and then transferring. Dalton comes from a close knit family of which he is the eldest of his parents’ three sons. He sees himself as an example for his younger brothers. “I wanted to show my brothers that it is possible to go to a big university and be successful,” says Dalton. In fact, Dalton is… Read More »

Markecio Simmons

During high school, some students live in such extreme situations they wonder if they will ever really make it to college. This was particularly true for Markecio Simmons from Ocala, Fla. who was homeless much of his high school career. His past was not always easy, but the struggle and ability to overcome has helped Markecio be successful at the University of Florida despite the odds stacked against him. In fact, in December 2014, Markecio will graduate with a 3.5 GPA with a degree in… Read More »

Stefani Broome

As a senior, Stefani Broome has had the opportunity to look back on her experiences with utter appreciation for the benefits she has received as an FOS recipient.  While at the University of Florida, Stefani has pursued a study abroad experience to Israel, joined the Florida Opportunity Scholars Academy of Leadership, and has now found her true calling in elementary education.  Stefani attributes many of the experiences to the staff of FOS and fellow Florida Opportunity Scholars students.

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Erica Mason

Within the first five minutes of talking with Erica Mason, sophomore and Pre-Occupational Therapy major at the University of Florida, it is clear that she is a woman with a vision.  Erica not only plans to give back to the Florida Opportunity Scholars program one day, but she hopes to be involved, inspirational, and open many of the numerous doors that others have so generously done for her. 

Erica, the first Black female to ever be named valedictorian at her high school, is making the most… Read More »