Edthephanie Flores

Edthephanie Flores describes the Florida Opportunity Scholars (FOS) program as supportive, reassuring, and most of all, life changing.  Edthephanie describes her acceptance decision as one of utter amazement and the constant reminder of others showing belief in her.  Before her acceptance to UF, Edthephanie was faced with the reality of going away for college and thought she would be applying to a local college.  During high school, both of Edthephanie’s parents survived open-heart surgery,… Read More »

Dominique Whitehead

As a high school student, Dominique Whitehead was never worried whether she could cut it as a college student, but instead was fearful of financing her college education.  By Dominique’s senior year, she had all but given up on the dream of going to a large, four year institution.  Her high school cross country coach, and mentor, provided her guidance and the hope she needed to apply to UF.  Her mentor not only urged her to apply but helped Dominique in figuring out the complicated processes… Read More »

Kevin Florez

When asked what aspect of the Florida Opportunity Scholars program has been most beneficial to Kevin Florez the answer is very simple - each and every piece of it.   From the mentor program, to the scholarship and financial support, to the endless capabilities of networking, the FOS program has been the most influential experience of his life.

During the application process and trying to decide where he might attend college, reality kicked in quickly, as even with a full ride to UCF Kevin… Read More »

Martin “Marty” Parks

Major: Math and Statistic Major
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla.

“The Florida Opportunity Scholars Program has allowed me to freely explore majors and career options. I’ve been able to find my true passions, music and math, and have used them to help other students as a tutor at the on-campus teaching center.  I’ll leave UF with a job, and the knowledge that I assisted my peers."

After graduation, Parks worked as a technical consultant at EPIC, a healthcare software company, in Madison, WI. He is now back in Florida, pursuing his true passion of… Read More »

Shaquita Goodman

Major: Nursing
College: College of Nursing
Hometown: Homestead, Florida

Juggling Advanced Placement classes, duel-enrollment courses and a part-time job wasn’t enough to stop Shaquita Goodman from following her college dreams.

Goodman was raised by her single mother and was taught the importance of living for a better life. It was through school where Goodman developed her passion for helping people in her community. Goodman decided to become a nurse and chose UF as her number one choice.

"My mother sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am," Goodman said. "UF… Read More »