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Tachana Joseph

Major/Year: Criminology and Political Science with a Minor in Latin American Studies and Public Leadership/4th year
Hometown: Port de Paix, Haiti & Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tachana is a busy scholar who is making her mark at the University of Florida. Born in Haiti, she moved to the United States, with her two sisters, to live with her dad at a young age. She is proud to be a first generation student. “It’s like being a [positive] symbol…for your family and other people who may think, being first generation, higher education is not attainable.” She thinks of herself as a trailblazer and an example for others to go to college. She frequently shares her first… Read More »

Rose-Camille Ficil

Major/Year: Tourism and Recreation/3rd Year
Hometown: Gonaives, Haiti & Orlando, FL

Rose came to this country when she was 11 years old because her parents wanted her to have better educational opportunities than what were offered in Haiti. She was adopted by her uncle when she immigrated; and the benefit of attaining an education in the US has been more than beneficial for her. When asked about immigrating to the US, Rose says it was a tough transition from life in Haiti, but in her parents’ opinion, “They felt like here [in the US], I would have better opportunities.”

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Ricardo “Rick” Sabater

Major/Year: History & Political Science/2nd Year
Hometown: Schenectady, New York & Springhill, Florida

Rick is excited about what is in store for his future. Born to teenaged parents, Rick has defeated the odds set against him. He now has two younger brothers (10 years and 3 years old) looking up to him. Knowing what to face, Rick is intent on preparing his younger brothers for their own collegiate future. He often talks to his 10 year old brother about attending college and is actively making it a reality by starting a savings account and giving him first-hand experience with college life. “I… Read More »

Dalton Helvey

Major/Year: Food Science and Human Nutrition/2nd Year
Hometown: Sebring, Florida

Dalton is proud of his first generation identity. He surpassed the expectations of his Sebring community by attending a four-year university versus taking the route of going to state college first and then transferring. Dalton comes from a close knit family of which he is the eldest of his parents’ three sons. He sees himself as an example for his younger brothers. “I wanted to show my brothers that it is possible to go to a big university and be successful,” says Dalton. In fact, Dalton is… Read More »