Alex Klein

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders
Hometown: Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Looking at colleges, Alex really liked UF, but she was unsure of how she would pay for it. Without the Florida Opportunity scholarship, she didn't know which school she would have ended up at.

"The experiences I had while at UF mean more to me and have shaped my life in ways I can hardly express," she said. "Support from donors like you allowed me to truly experience college by getting involved and really focusing on school. UF and the Florida Opportunity Scholars Program were a catalyst for the rest of my life."

Academically, she was challenged to perform to the best of her abilities and learned to accept the outcomes. Personally, she had to find what she truly wanted to do with her life and who she wanted to be. "My four years at UF prepared me for the rest of my life and allowed me to shine." She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences & Disorders, and went straight into graduate school.

Currently, she is in her third year of the Doctor of Audiology program at the University of South Florida and received her white coat, and was recognized for performing the best academically in her class. "I’m thrilled to have found a field I’m passionate about and where I can excel," she said.

"The Florida Opportunity Scholars Program not only gave me the financial support I needed to be successful in college, it made me feel part of something bigger than myself. I knew I had a community at UF that I belonged to because those faculty members, staff and donors advocating for us as first generation scholars made me feel worthy and important."