Brandon White

Major: Business Management, 2010

Hometown: Panama City, Florida (Bay County)

Brandon is the third of four children whom were born in Rochester and moved to Panama City, Fl with their strong mother. In his childhood, his family faced numerous financial obstacles but remained united due to his mother’s resilience and optimism. He attended Rutherford High School and graduated in 2006 with an IB Diploma and as the Senior Class President. “High school graduation was special to my entire family because, although I was the third of my siblings to attend high school, none of my siblings had finished high school.” Brandon remembers the tears of joy his family and him shared when receiving his acceptance to the University of Florida because they knew nothing would be the same from that moment forward.

As an MFOS scholar, he enjoyed each day as much as he could while attempting to achieve a higher sense of fulfillment by involving himself on campus. “I wanted so badly to show my gratitude to the program, so I sought to enrich my UF experience by continuing to demonstrate the high academic standards I had in high school, seeking to improve my leadership skills through student involvement groups, and just having fun at Gator events.”

He involved himself in several activities on campus such as Student Government, Black Student Union and Greek Life. Above all, he believes his involvement with Reitz Scholars holds the most valuable of memories. “The Reitz Scholars Program allows students showcase their intellectual capabilities while simultaneously allowing them to engage in a number of valuable community service events. I think all MFOS Scholars should at least consider applying to become a Reitz Scholar—none will regret it.”

He’d like to congratulate graduating MFOS scholars by saying, “As you enter the next phase of your life remember to demonstrate the same high standards you have exhibited throughout your life. You can do that by working hard, assisting those who need help, and aligning yourself with individuals who have your best interests at heart.” He’d like to remind them that even though the “real world” may seem intimidating, MFOS scholars have been prepared by UF, MFOS and life to exceed despite all challenges.

Closing remark: “The MFOS program is a unique collective of brilliant minds, diverse backgrounds, and up-and-comers who have faced, and continue to face, life optimistically.  For those reasons, the program will always be special.”