Elizabeth Tejeda

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Miami

Elizabeth was raised in a Cuban household as the only first generation American in the family. Growing up and to this day, she translates for her parents and finds it to be one of the most life-teaching experiences. “My family has provided me unconditional love no matter the situation, allowed me to develop to the woman I am today and taught me, by example, that with perseverance I will be able to accomplish my dreams. I could not ask any more from them.”

While at her time at the University of Florida, she has served several positions within the Hispanic Student Association and is currently on the executive board of the organization as Secretary. She has involved herself in Student Government since her freshman year in the Freshman Leadership Council and currently is the Multicultural Affairs Cabinet Director. She believes, “My passion for equal access to education, no matter your background, socioeconomic status, gender or sexual orientation, has driven me to find involvement spheres on campus that have allowed me to convert my ideas to action.”

Aside from involvement, Elizabeth is honored to have the opportunity to work in the Vice President of Student Affairs Office. She has worked in the office since Fall 2014 and is grateful for the people that she has had the opportunity of meeting. “

Elizabeth believes that MFOS is what she is most grateful for at the University of Florida ---. “The way I see it- if it wasn’t for MFOS, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pursue higher education. MFOS has fulfilled the dream my parents have worked on for 23 years in this country and I could never repay the peace of mind it provides for them every night before they go to sleep.”