Erica Mason

Within the first five minutes of talking with Erica Mason, sophomore and Pre-Occupational Therapy major at the University of Florida, it is clear that she is a woman with a vision.  Erica not only plans to give back to the Florida Opportunity Scholars program one day, but she hopes to be involved, inspirational, and open many of the numerous doors that others have so generously done for her. 

Erica, the first Black female to ever be named valedictorian at her high school, is making the most of her experiences at UF.  Dr. Kelli Brown, Erica’s mentor within the College of Health and Human Performance, has helped facilitate her path to academic and co-curricular excellence.  Dr. Brown was eager and excited to not only help Erica, but to guide her, and support her through her endeavors at UF.

In only her second year as a student, Erica has already shown the drive and motivation to be involved in campus and church ministries, serve as a Resident Assistant, coordinate the Students Working against Tobacco initiative, perform and travel as a gospel rapper, and volunteer at Shands Hospital within the Occupational Therapy department.  Within these organizations, Erica’s main concern is to have the opportunity to change someone else’s life and see others prosper.  Erica is quick to appreciate her FOS opportunities and the support she has been given by the faculty and staff at UF.

Throughout her experiences at the University of Florida, Erica has had the opportunity to network and gain experience with people she would otherwise have never known.  Her mentor, Dr. Brown, has given her the opportunity to research with professionals in the health field, she has collaborated with staff in the Office of Academic Support, and has developed her portfolio to one day be an entrepreneur, performer, and millionaire, with the ability to one day give back to the FOS program.

With all of her success so far, Erica has not forgotten where she comes from. Seeing her achievements and dreams become a reality has both motivated and sparked Erica to continue on her path to success. Erica says that the FOS program has changed her life, opening her eyes to the challenges she has overcome and the success she will undoubtedly achieve in the future.