Jose De Los Santos

Major: Sociology (Pre-Law Track) 

Hometown: Villa Consuelo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Jose De Los Santos was born in Dominican Republic and moved to Miami in 2007. He and his family struggled financially and emotionally causing them to move seven times during his high school career before ending his senior year at Miami Senior High School in Miami, Florida.

Jose believes that his time as a Machen Florida Opportunity Scholar has been nothing short of amazing. He thanks the scholarship for allowing him to grow professionally and personally while attending the university of his dreams. “If it wasn't for MFOS, I wouldn't have been able to even imagine the idea of attending the University of Florida and let alone become a leader within my community of students. MFOS has given me the opportunity to grow and develop the necessary skills that will help me become a successful member of society in the future and a successful professional as well.”

Due to MFOS, Jose has had the opportunity to involve himself in numerous extracurricular activities including his fraternity, Lamba Theta Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. He considers this to be his most valuable involvement and believes it has taught him what it takes to be leader and what it means to lead by example. He appreciates that he has gained a brotherhood that will last a lifetime and considers it part of his identity as a person, leader and student.

Above all, he keeps the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship close to his heart because he believes it gives students from unprivileged backgrounds an opportunity to succeed amongst some of the brightest minds in the State of Florida. As a graduating senior, he’d like to tell current scholars that, "There's only so much you can do within four years, so choose wisely and spend your time doing the things that you value the most."