Kevin Florez

When asked what aspect of the Florida Opportunity Scholars program has been most beneficial to Kevin Florez the answer is very simple - each and every piece of it.   From the mentor program, to the scholarship and financial support, to the endless capabilities of networking, the FOS program has been the most influential experience of his life.

During the application process and trying to decide where he might attend college, reality kicked in quickly, as even with a full ride to UCF Kevin would not be able to attend.  As Kevin applied each day to scholarships and colleges throughout the state, the stress continued to build. Growing up in a single parent home, Kevin remembers the college admissions process being one of stress, financial burden, and sheer anxiety.  All of this would soon be eliminated with the realization of one particular school offering him a chance of a lifetime: the Florida Opportunity Scholars program at the University of Florida.  Kevin can remember a huge weight being lifted off of his shoulders and the feeling that he could repay his mother for all of her hard work.  He would now have an education that his mom had worked so hard to be able to provide for him.    

While at UF, Kevin is making the most of this opportunity.  Currently a Digital Media major, Kevin is making a career out of his love for art and the economy’s need for technology.  Being mindful of the importance of connections and networking throughout the industry, Kevin is also pursuing a minor in Business Administration. He has already secured a summer internship at GameDayr, through the UF Innovation Hub, where he currently works as a graphic designer.

Kevin attributes much of his success and comfort at UF to his FOS and OAS mentors, fraternity brothers, and First Year Florida class. These experiences have offered him support, motivated him to go above his expectations, and enabled him to set goals to succeed both academically and within the co-curricular settings. Through the FOS program and Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kevin has had an opportunity to find a love for mentoring and volunteering in various philanthropies. He has volunteered in the Kickball for Diabetes event and worked with people facing mental disabilities.  In the future, Kevin hopes to be a mentor to other FOS students, continue his work with the UF Odyssey, aid in advertising and producing banners for his fraternity, and volunteering throughout the community.