Malcom Tyson

Major: Anthropology
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

After getting accepted to the University of Florida in 2006, Malcolm was on his way to becoming a college student. His parents and siblings were beyond ecstatic. He would be the first in my family to ever attend college. But once the excitement associated with getting accepted subsided, he was left wondering  - "how could I possibly pay for all of this?" "There was simply no way my family could afford to pay for my tuition, books, and living costs, while simultaneously juggling their own expenses," he said. A few days later, he received a letter explaining he met the criteria for the brand-new Florida Opportunity Scholars program. "This meant my entire 4-year education at UF would be paid for," he said. "I was at a loss for words."

Malcolm would go on to graduate from UF in 2010, with a B.A. in Anthropology. While at UF, he was able to combine his childhood hobby of writing computer software, with his love for helping people solve problems. He interned with Trimark Properties, where he assisted in re-architecting their Web site, and developed Web applications used internally. He also worked for both the GIN System and TutoringZone - where he spent his days developing iPhone and Facebook applications. Currently, He works as a User Interface Engineer with eBay/ in Los Angeles, California, where he part of a team that is revolutionizing the way people search for apartments across the United States.

"Without FOS, none of this would be possible," he said. "I am forever indebted to the University of Florida for extending such an opportunity to first generation college students like myself, and hope that I can someday assist in making someone's dream of attending UF a reality."