Maurielle Yao

Maurielle Yao is a 4th year Finance major with a minor in Real Estate. As Vice President of Professional Development of Florida Women, Maurielle helped coordinate an event called Savings in the Swamp. This event offered tips on how to save money now in order to attain long-term financial goals. Representatives from Bank of America and other student organizations helped teach students on how to be financially savvy during college.

Maurielle is an alum of the Florida Opportunity Scholars Academy of Leadership (FOSAL). She completed her FOSAL summer experience as an intern at Camden Property Trust in Tampa, FL and says that FOSAL allowed her to recognize her true leadership capabilities. She continues to utilize her leadership strengths to accomplish both academic and professional goals.

After graduation, Maurielle will begin a full-time position with Camden Property Trust in Tampa, where she will be close to family and pursue her dream of working in property management. She encourages incoming students to set a goal and be resilient because you can always make a dream come to reality when you believe in yourself."