Ricardo “Rick” Sabater

Major/Year: History & Political Science/2nd Year
Hometown: Schenectady, New York & Springhill, Florida

Rick is excited about what is in store for his future. Born to teenaged parents, Rick has defeated the odds set against him. He now has two younger brothers (10 years and 3 years old) looking up to him. Knowing what to face, Rick is intent on preparing his younger brothers for their own collegiate future. He often talks to his 10 year old brother about attending college and is actively making it a reality by starting a savings account and giving him first-hand experience with college life. “I know my actions have consequences beyond me,” says Rick when asked what it is like to be the first in his family to attend a university. He is paving the way and opening doors for his siblings to attend college and bringing the college experience home to his family who enjoy hearing about what attending college is like. Rick often shares what it is like to be first generation with his family and friends. In fact, his unique experience has served as a conversation piece with his roommates who are not first generation and come from more affluent families.

Rick hopes to attend Law School and then pursue a career in politics. Inspired by the 2008 Presidential Inauguration of President Barack Obama, Rick has taken an active role in politics. He worked with UF College Democrats on the Charlie Crist campaign for Governor in fall 2014. Rick also received an internship for spring 2015 to work alongside a state representative in Tallahassee, Florida.

Rick says every part of the MFOS program is amazing. He has found the support of the MFOS staff to be most beneficial and the scholarship has given him the financial stability he needs to be a “100% student”. He is able to take advantage of the many opportunities, such as study abroad and the mentioned internship. He adds that the workshops offered by the program have also been helpful, specifically with writing a resume.  

Rick is proud to be “setting the example for his brothers…and doing something new [in his family]”.

Closing remark: “It’s important to give students like us…the opportunity to go to a place like this…and have a support network…it’s great!”