Rose-Camille Ficil

Major/Year: Tourism and Recreation/3rd Year
Hometown: Gonaives, Haiti & Orlando, FL

Rose came to this country when she was 11 years old because her parents wanted her to have better educational opportunities than what were offered in Haiti. She was adopted by her uncle when she immigrated; and the benefit of attaining an education in the US has been more than beneficial for her. When asked about immigrating to the US, Rose says it was a tough transition from life in Haiti, but in her parents’ opinion, “They felt like here [in the US], I would have better opportunities.”

Rose is proud of the education she has been able to get here in the United States. The knowledge she is getting here is pushing her closer to reaching her goal. Her future plans include giving back to the country she loves, Haiti. “I’m actually very proud… that I will be able to help and make a difference one day.” She wants to be a leader in improving the Haitian government and improving policies based on what she sees working in the US.

Rose is grateful for the support she gets from the MFOS Program. She reflects on a challenging semester during her 2nd year of college in which it felt like everything was going wrong and wanted to give up. She says the support and advice she received from Leslie [Pendleton] and her mentor, Myesha Sukra, helped her to persevere during that difficult time. She also found the workshops very helpful. She values the information she has gotten from the workshops and sees how it can help her in the future.

Rose has gained better self-awareness since attending college. She is a member of Sistuhs, Inc., a community service organization, and has served as an executive board member for Club Creole, a social organization that strives to unite students of Haitian descent while educating the university community on Haitian culture.

Closing remark: “You will always go through things, but there is nothing that you can’t overcome.”