Shaquita Goodman

Major: Nursing
College: College of Nursing
Hometown: Homestead, Florida

Juggling Advanced Placement classes, duel-enrollment courses and a part-time job wasn’t enough to stop Shaquita Goodman from following her college dreams.

Goodman was raised by her single mother and was taught the importance of living for a better life. It was through school where Goodman developed her passion for helping people in her community. Goodman decided to become a nurse and chose UF as her number one choice.

"My mother sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am," Goodman said. "UF has a great nursing program and I tried my hardest to get here."

Two weeks after Goodman was accepted, she received the Florida Opportunity Scholarship and her dreams came true. No longer was she faced with having to make money her main priority. With the scholarship, Goodman is now pursuing an education in nursing so she can help patients who are less fortunate.

Goodman spends her time with UF's Outreach Ambassador Program, a student organization that presents the importance of going to college to local high schools. Goodman is also the president of UF's "Hands Down" dance troupe and a member of the Florida Opportunity Scholars Academy of Leadership.

"The Gator Nation has so many opportunities for me," Goodman said. "It's a great feeling to know that I'm connected in so many ways."