Stephanie Rolon

During her time at the University of Florida, she considered her job at the Dean of Students Office to be one of her most valuable involvements. She began working in the office the summer after her sophomore year and continued to work there after graduation until she began her graduate program May 2014. She believes her time at the office shaped the person she is today and keeps it very near to her heart.

Aside from working at the Dean of Students Office, Stephanie believes one of her best experiences during her time at the University of Florida was her time as an FOS Mentor. She considers it to be one of the most rewarding experiences she’s had the pleasure of partaking in but admits it wasn’t always easy. To this day, she still keeps in touch with her mentees and is overjoyed with all of their accomplishments.

To Stephanie, MFOS did not only provide her with a college education but it gave her the opportunity of meeting some of the most influential people in her life Stephanie’s advice for current MFOS scholars is to take advantage of all of the opportunities and people MFOS gives them an opportunity to meet. She says, “I wouldn’t have met some of the individuals that have pushed me, challenged me, and above all, believed in my dreams, if it wasn’t for the FOS program. Trust me when I say, you are NOT alone!”

Closing Remark: “MFOS truly was my second family away from home and for that I will be forever grateful.”